Public Notices



Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District, a local district of the State of Utah, intends to prepare an update to its Impact Fee Analysis. The analysis will be prepared by an independent 3rd party and will be done pursuant to the provisions of the Impact Fees Act. The proposed impact fee facilities will be located in several different areas through the District’s boundaries. The General areas will cover from as far west and south as 6200 South and 3600 West to as far north and east of 3900 South and the Jordan River. Capacity enhancing projects that are currently under construction at Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility will also be considered.

Interested parties are invited to provide information to be considered in adopting the Impact Fee Analysis. To provide input, please send your comments to our District office at P.O. Box 18579, Taylorsville, UT 84118 or by email to [email protected].  Any information received should be provided in writing. A public hearing on the Impact Fee Analysis will also be noticed and will take place where public comment will also be welcome.



Sewer Impact Fee Analysis

Water Impact Fee Analysis